In order to grow, a plant must develop strong roots to endure the unique challenge each season brings.


The mind is no different as our ability to grow, live, and be fulfilled are shaped by how our minds filter the world around us. 

At Blooming Minds Therapy, we aid in the development of the tools, skills, and mindsets necessary to overcome the obstacles in life that keep your growth stunted. Different seeds need different conditions which is why Blooming Mind therapists use a variety of interventions and strategies. We understand that therapy is not an instant fix but we are eager to assist in each step of your growth.


Blooming Minds Therapy is an inclusive practice.  

We support individuals of all genders, sexual orientation, racial identities, religious practices,

and alternative lifestyles.


Individual Therapy

Blooming Minds Therapy provides virtual and in-person client centered treatment. We provide a safe space for individuals to process their emotions, thoughts, and learn coping skills to improve symptoms.


Children’s Therapy

Blooming Minds Therapy utilizes play therapy, behavioral interventions, parent involvement, and client centered care for children and adolescents.


Couples Therapy

Blooming Minds Therapy acknowledges the impacts of relationship struggles on each individual’s mental health. We aim to utilize evidence based approaches to address the needs of the relationship.

















Our goal is to empower you to weather any storm and bloom in any soil.

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